dLO Takeover on Reform Radio 2


dLo Takeover w/ Talib Kweli, Fox, Red Eye Hi Fi, Cheech & Pro P 7th December 2016

Listen back to the full dLo Takeover on Reform radio from 7th December 2017, hosted by me and Adam dLO, featuring Fox, Cheech & Pro P, Talib Kweli and Red Eye Hifi


How To Have Fun Alone In A Hospital

Had to fill in a consent form at the hospital today. The conversation with the receptionist when I handed it in was a treat.

What does this say under your religion?
What’s that?
They’re like anteater things.
What are?
Is that a religion?
It is to me
So it’s not a real thing?
Tapirs are real things, yes
No, for a religion..
Is it going to make a difference for my operation today?
No I suppose not. Shall I put ‘other’?
Thanks love
May tapirs be with you