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Dear Beryl,

My amazing wife and I have been together for nearly ten years and up until recently have been blissfully in love. I would choose death before accepting that I could never see the beautifully innocent perfection of her crimson lipped smile for the rest of my life. Since the first moment we met, our relationship has been a perpetually illuminating Aurora Borealis light display of emotional bliss, I felt complete. Now, I feel a complete dickhead.

 Over the past 6 months, I fear we have begun to drift apart following her new job. She has been spending an awful lot of time outside of her work with a handsome new colleague named Ben and suspect that they may be having affair. I have found condom wrappers in our bed on 8 separate occasions and when confronted about it, my wife called me a ‘paranoid twat’ and struck me. I began to think that perhaps I’d overreacted until she cancelled our annual Pony-trekking holiday claiming she had the sniffles, only to go down the Quasar with Ben and some other colleagues, not returning until 4am smelling of deep musk and anger.

I really love my wife and I‘d do anything to save our marriage. Every time I look at her, my heart is suddenly alight and even after a decade together, the quivering butterflies I get every time I see her face embodies the unremitting and indescribable adoration I have. I have to win her back, even for the sake of our sex life and our dog Benji alone…he’d be crushed. And the six children.

Please help me Beryl.

Ralph from Tittingham.

Beryl says… Ralph, I know exactly what has happened here and I hate to be the bearer of hurtful news but this soulless harpy is rightfully taking you for a bit of a cunt. She is most certainly being pummelled senseless by this ‘Ben’, and I suspect there are a string of other cum-padres sodding your smutty bride all over the neighbourhood.

Allow me to offer my educated conjecture; you were childhood sweethearts, completely enraptured by the very mention of each others name. A prolonged ‘Honeymoon’ period of insatiable carnal rutting lead, typically, towards good Sex’s hangover; Love. She was the one! You were the one! The one beautifully sculpted sentient being on this horrid Earthy doom-sphere perfectly created for a rose tinted, ditty-whistling saunter through life together. Soon Ralph, and correct me if I’m wrong, these rose tinted designer spectacles soon began to deteriorate until they resembled NHS-issued bin-lids with a worryingly shitty hue. The sex waned, the laughter muted, the previously un-awkward silences soon ring true with the loathsome Tinnitus soundtrack of fledgling hope. Her new job was not the catalyst, dear boy, time is the catalyst. Love is a subjective and unquantifiable investment of time and soul, which can offer only depreciation to the brainwashed feckless investor in question.

Despite the mutual culpability of your futile delusions of long-term unity; my opinion on your quandary in unfortunately divided. And I shall tell you for why;

  1. Firstly, I am tempted to call you a snivelling waste of testicles. Maybe your wife has simply come to the correct conclusion that the laughable husk you call your ‘marriage’ is slippery slope to assisted suicide. And has taken affirmative action by treating you in an increasingly heartless manner, she avoids the unenviable task of having to deal with a crying man as she tells you it’s over.  By treating you in this inhumane manner of serial infidelity, you are surely bound to snap and take ownership of the severance, leaving you a sitting duck for an expensive divorce.
  2. I concede that my responses have been somewhat scathing thus far and the last thing I need is another overdose on my CV so….. PERHAPS, she should respect you as the mutual owner of Benji and father of her children by being honest with you and voicing her feelings rather than getting pooned by any schmuck with a spare seven minutes. Perhaps.


At this point I can only imagine you sobbing like a fallen toddler so I will offer my suggestions for how to deal with this, Ralph.

Why not fight fire with fire? Assuming this scenario has not rendered you a sexless incompetent, the one sure method of alleviating your current plight is by offering her a taste of her own sticky medicine. Drag your friends to the nearest Lloyds Bar, sink 10 shots of Jaegermeister and shamelessly pursue any or all of the bulging harlots on offer. Seriously…escorts, prostitutes, single mums at your children’s school, local shopkeepers, Avon ladies, homeless women, all of them. Try. And. Fuck. Each. And. Every. One. Of. Them. At worst, she’ll find out and the marriage will be annulled anyway.

Secondly you could seek mirthful revenge by drive her into a damaging spiral of insanity.

–          Wake her up every morning my screaming obscenities directly into her face then denying all knowledge of the incident. Say she’s ‘being dramatic’.

–          Bombard her life with a myriad of the most upsetting images possible i.e. cute dead animals, graphic colour photographs of frenzied and disturbing sexual practices emblazoned en-masse over typical everyday places she will certainly encounter. (You could try posting them on the roof above her side of the bed so that when she is awoken by your screaming alarm clock, the first thing she is greeted with is a close up digitally enhanced image of an aggressive scat fetish jamboree)

–          Constantly move her belongings and leave them in strange places to instil a fear that she may be losing her mind, then berate her for it. “Jesus, I’ve found your handbag in the oven again. What is the matter with you? I’m serious, this really can’t go on, sort your life out or you’re going the way of old Yeller”.

–          Secretly and subtly stash fetid, rotten foodstuffs about her person to make people begin to question her personal hygiene and undermine her self-worth immeasurably. This would also detract any potential suitors for extra-marital coitus.

Note Ralph, that these are just my suggestions and you must truly plunge the depths of your soul to decipher the most effective and personally damage-limiting methods to address this colossal mess you’ve got yourself in.

Good Luck Ralph!!!

Author: markjorgy

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