Horoscopes. Balls to Russell Grant.


With your moon struck by a mild astro-infection, today you will be placed in a series of events causing abject emotional turmoil from loved ones and well wishers. You must also be diligent to predictive text mishaps which could be misconstrued as racist.

Your lucky animal is the Tapier.


An infestation of single, rogue magpies may result in a sorrowful down surge in property prices in your area so be sure to have an air rifle or catapult to hand.

Your unlucky words are; Kidney and Stones.


Be mindful of idle, absent-minded crotch staring on public transport whilst listening to a portable music player. Today, your inability to remember your correct star sign will see you misjudge appropriate actions with a nose-kickingly painful fate.


Today you will bask in the knowledge that your efforts will be a rich Custard Cream of success in the workplace. Ensure to sandwich a creamy layer of monetary bliss between two biscuity slabs of magnificence.

At home, remember that prostitution is still considered infidelity.


All celestial prompts suggest that there is a 97.5% chance that you will be knocked unconscious by a hunk of frozen excrement expelled by a Russian Spylane, so remember to keep your wits about you. Property concerns will take a saucy turn for the worse from the receipt of a phone call.

Your lucky herb is Fennel.


The Libran alignment with France will today see you being accused of sexually motivated tax evasion. DO NOT represent yourself, no matter the cost. On a brighter note, a frantic scramble to destroy paperwork will lead to an astounding find of previously forgotten pornography.

Your important numbers are 0 and (withheld).


Don’t allow an argument to simmer, grab the bull by the horns and get things off your chest. Matters can’t be resolved with words? Simply give in to raging impulse and deliver a violent education. You work hard, you deserve it, right?

Your possible weakness for today is violent incompetence.


Money dribbling away like a shit tap? Put investment desires on hold until you have assessed the presentation of your tattered children. A recent failed affair may today make a dramatic turn after a casual visit to a renowned local dogging haunt.

Your lucky celebrity is Dean Gaffney.


Today you will be faced with an important business decision with perilous ‘sliding-door’ consequences. Get it correct and you’ll be lauded as the saviour of the company and be rewarded with a huge bonus. Get it wrong, however, and you’ll be responsible for 1400 redundancies with the blood of your workmates smothered on your incompetent hands.

Your unlucky colour is blood.


With Jupiter approaching the apex of the inner Frog Nebula, today you will receive a business proposition by a masked Belgian with tales of riches. Be sure to second read all contracts before signing.

Put festering holiday plans on hold until you know what the bastard Tories do next.


Foolish online purchases while drunk may cause banal distress at home, withhold your real feeling for a quiet life. Alternatively, if a loved one annoys you with selfish disrespect, reject all apologies as conscientious fuckwittery.

A wayward hand on a packed train may lead to illicit tromboning.


Today you will cross the path of a Yaqui Shaman who will take you on a journey through the blood-strewn rivers of your own mind, paddling haplessly through the maze of spiritual epiphany. Money troubles? Just spend less or something.

Your lucky hallucination is ‘Christ the Redeemer’

Author: markjorgy

is YOUR name Swedish or something?

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