My night out with Reidy

I was recently lucky enough to be invited* out on a night out with football legend Peter Reid.

Reidy (to his friends) is a former player and manager who, despite managing the Thailand national team, and finishing 4th in the World Player of the Year in 1985, is perhaps best known for once referring to Professor Stephen Hawking as “the lad in the chair” live on television.

Here is full breakdown of the night on the tiles with Reidy:

(*For legal purposes I must point out that while Reidy and I had a whale of a time on our big night, he didn’t technically ‘invite’ me out. Nor was he aware that I was there or that I exist)

1. Reidy demonstrating his inimitablly rangey stride for a short man:


2. Exchanging some classic banter about the standard of Thai football:


3. A moment of reflection:


4. This is where he told the story about the time Ron Atkinson and Howard Kendall had a fist fight at the PFA awards in 1986 (“Ron was squealing like a buggered pig, lad, honestly”).


5. “Ey ar lad, gizza drink there you fucking meff”. CLASSIC Reidy #banter



What a night.

Author: markjorgy

is YOUR name Swedish or something?

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