Akala Interview: Waterstones Book Launch

Full audio of the interview I did with Akala at his book launch in Waterstones Manchester. His book Natives: Race and Class in the Ruins of Empire is out now, get your copy here Part 1 This section has Akala discussing his upbringing and an introduction to his new book: Part 2 This section hasContinue reading “Akala Interview: Waterstones Book Launch”

An SOS from Barclays Bank

Listen, I don’t want to brag, but none other than Barclays Plc reached out to little ol’ Jorgy asking for advice on how to run their business. They called it a ‘customer survey’, clearly to save face, but we all know what this was. After The Panther’s dealings with them, I think we’ve earned aContinue reading “An SOS from Barclays Bank”

Levelz Front Face Music Video Behind the Scenes

In the summer, chart sensation Pete Cannon, Adam Al Sened (dLO) and I filmed the Levelz crew’s escapades at Outlook Festival in Croatia for their new music video Front Face. Below is the final video edited by Tarnish Vision, along with some behind the scenes videos and photos from the Levelz and Madam X boatContinue reading “Levelz Front Face Music Video Behind the Scenes”