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Manchester Evening News  Macklemore gig review, and pretending to be his bother Manchester Confidential, Stewart Lee, Much A-Stew About Nothing review Manchester Evening News Review of De La Soul, Albert Hall, Manchester  I Love Manchester Feature on homeless charity Lifeshare  I Love Manchester Flotation Tank review   Manchester Evening News Manchester hip hop featureContinue reading “Articles, Features, Reviews and Other Writering”

Humble Pie With a 7-1 Defeat

Originally written for and published on in December 2010 One Saturday morning in 2005, Blackburn were playing at Old Trafford and on a hung-over whim, I decided to go to the game on my own and buy a ticket for the United end. In what I had previously perceived to be one of the harbingers ofContinue reading “Humble Pie With a 7-1 Defeat”

Drivesafe Speed Awareness Course Review

Article originally written for and published on I’m a criminal. A no good criminal. It feels good to get it out there, but the absolution of my sins unfortunately does not end there. No, like so many of the lawless renegades before me, it was only so long I could continue to flagrantly offend theContinue reading “Drivesafe Speed Awareness Course Review”

Night bus, soap opera on the 192

Article originally written for and published on I’ve always felt that the night buses of Manchester offer a fascinating glimpse into the weird and wonderful after-dark inhabitants of the city. Sometimes shameful, sometimes endearing, sometimes hilarious, but most of the times I’ve got on a Manchester night bus, there’s never been a dull journey forContinue reading “Night bus, soap opera on the 192”