My night out with Reidy

I was recently lucky enough to be invited* out on a night out with football legend Peter Reid. Reidy (to his friends) is a former player and manager who, despite managing the Thailand national team, and finishing 4th in the World Player of the Year in 1985, is perhaps best known for once referring toContinue reading “My night out with Reidy”

Bananas and Intelligent Design

In watching Charlie Brooker’s ‘You Have Been Watching’, they covered an American evangelical ‘chat show’ in the ilk of the fetid haggathon ‘Loose Women’,….’Loose Gideon’, if you will, equally idiotic but infinitely more sinister. The excellently named Ray Comfort casually stood around musing his ‘Intelligent Design’ theory, proclaiming the undoubted proof of God in anContinue reading “Bananas and Intelligent Design”