An SOS from Barclays Bank

Listen, I don’t want to brag, but none other than Barclays Plc reached out to little ol’ Jorgy asking for advice on how to run their business. They called it a ‘customer survey’, clearly to save face, but we all know what this was. After The Panther’s dealings with them, I think we’ve earned aContinue reading “An SOS from Barclays Bank”

Complaint to Cadburys – Goldless Wispa and Peter Gabriel

  For reference, you can always find any UK CEO’s email address on this website, helps for being a prick. From: Mark Jorgensen To: Mondelez International Consumer Service Subject: Careless Wispa Gold Hi Cadbury As you can tell from the George Michael reference in the heading, I’m a bit of a ‘muso’. If you asked anyone whoContinue reading “Complaint to Cadburys – Goldless Wispa and Peter Gabriel”

BT Complaint Round 2 – Come At Me Bro!

*I again copied in the CEO*   Dear BT, Recently, you and I had a bit of a bicker, which you can read here. You did some things (like over charge me for years for a service you weren’t properly providing). I said some things (like you chew with your mouth open and you areContinue reading “BT Complaint Round 2 – Come At Me Bro!”

Letter To Maoam – “Frisky Kinnock”

I’d firstly like to express how much I enjoy your devilishly delicious chews. They are a childish fruity treat which never fail to make me smile like a hog in a shitbath. I even like the name. I think it’s onomatopoeic in a sense that every time I say it, it coincides with an imaginaryContinue reading “Letter To Maoam – “Frisky Kinnock””