With your moon now precariously nestled within the Anteaters Proboscis Nebula; today you will be brimming with a wistfully critical self-knowledge.  This may only worsen after unwittingly swallowing a cubic pint of a stranger’s rectal gas whilst on crammed public transport en route to an unrewarding job. 

You may eat a nostalgic snack, such as Popping Candy, and regress to a horrific childhood event; you must try to conceal this weakness from foes.

Love   – Try not to covertly browse a loved-ones social networking profile as the information contained within can only result in raised voices and upsetting nausea.

Single? A drunken browse through classified ads in a local rag may yield saucy results.

Work – Resonating suspicions regarding a ‘shady’ employee will today reach a terrifying crescendo, including flashing lights and a Daily Mail Flash mob.

Beware of Earwigs moving quickly!!