Humble Pie With a 7-1 Defeat

Originally written for and published on in December 2010 One Saturday morning in 2005, Blackburn were playing at Old Trafford and on a hung-over whim, I decided to go to the game on my own and buy a ticket for the United end. In what I had previously perceived to be one of the harbingers ofContinue reading “Humble Pie With a 7-1 Defeat”

Abramovich’s letter to Watchdog

Dear Watchdog, Firstly I’ve always been a big fan of the show, your steely, philanthropic crusade to ‘battle for the little guy’ is reassuringly heart-warming and you are undoubtedly the ‘Jim’ll Fix it’ of criminal negligence. Not Nicky Cambell though, he always slightly nauseated me. Onto business. I am the owner/CEO of a company calledContinue reading “Abramovich’s letter to Watchdog”