Phonecall with Barclays – The Panther


Transcribed from vague memory….

Hello Mr Jorgensen, its Jenny from Barclays Premier. Are you free to speak?

Briefly Jenny.

Ok fantastic, thank you. Before we start I’d like to ask if it would it be ok if I call you Mark?

No, I don’t think so.



Ok then, Mr Jorgensen

I don’t want you to call me that either

Erm, Ok. What would you prefer?

The Panther

The…The Panther?

Yes, that’s right, The Panther

Erm, I’m not really sure if…

Everyone calls me The Panther Jenny, and I would ask you to extend me the same courtesy

Oh, ok, panther would it…

Sorry Jenny, it’s ‘THE Panther’, if you don’t mind.

Oh, sorry, The Panther.

Sorry this was terribly rude of me. Is it ok for The Panther to call you Jenny?

Yes, thats fine The Panther, thank you for asking.

Courtesy is a two way street isn’t it Jenny?

Very true The Panther. Are you available to speak to me about upgrading the account level we currently hold for you at Barclays?

No Jenny, I’m afraid The Panther is busy.

Is there a better time for me to speak to The Panther today?

Probably not Jenny, I’m going to be tied up all day with meetings and searching for a wounded gazelle I can smell  in the distance. I’ve been trailing it for a few days now.

Oh, ok The Panther. Perhaps I can try again next week?

Is that a philosophical quandary or a request, Jenny?

I suppose it’s a request, The Panther.

I see,  appreciate your frankness. Yes that’ll be fine Jenny. Have a great day.

You too The Panther, thank you for your time.